Marita Brake

Here's to Peace, Grace and Beauty. The first we hope for, the second and third, you got.

The White House

"Marita it was kind of you to share your music with me. I enjoyed my trip to Chicago and the warm welcome I received. I appreciate your generosity. Hillary joins me in sending best wishes."

Word In Edgewise

"Marita is the best vocalist on the planet, as far as I'm concerned."

WNUA Clear Channel Radio Chicago

I really enjoyed "The Celtic Rose". It's a captivating CD, well produced and a project you can be rightly proud of. I wish you great success!

"Is It Too Late To Be Good, Santa?" is a sexy siren song to Santa. You can't help but think that this is one song the rat pack would have loved."

Studio Magazine

"Brake has done much work for PBS, most recently "Road Trip Nation". She also composes for major corporations including Country Financial and Delta Airlines, Brake has a soothing, mystical voice singing stories of actual experiences and inspired imagination."

The Victory Review

"Where would life be without musicians and songwriters like Marita Brake! Marita possesses a fine, clear voice with an impressive range that makes whatever song she's singing her own."

Celtic mp3 Music Magazine

I don't know what's more impressive--the fact that "The Celtic Rose" is all original or the fact that it is so good! There is a wonderful flow to this album that many try for, but few achieve. This CD can be enjoyed for her skill, lyrics,or for the musical arrangements. Any one of these things by itself is a masterpiece, but put all of it together and it is truly magical!

Ireland's Rock and Reel

"Anyone who kicks off an album with a strident Appalachian flavored version of Shady Grove and then includes Guy Clark's paen to organic gardening is fine by me.....her voice is eloquent and free flowing with soulful individuality. One to keep tabs on."

New Age Reporter

"Marita Brake is an outstanding raconteur whose easy on the ears music makes stories come to life. Her idealism is refreshing in a world of daily bad news. She is a comely distraction for the romantic in you."

24/7 Arts News

"Brake's talent is certainly no secret to her fellow musicians and much of the listening public. She has performed with such superstars as Alison Krauss and John Hartford, played Carnegie Hall and two presidential inaugurations."

Kindred Spirit Magazine UK

"Light and Joyful."

Taxi A&R

"Beautiful songs with rich, warm and beguiling vocals ....soulful touches."

Rib Magazine

"With a stellar musical resume and an eye for the movie soundtrack industry, Brake doesn't hold back....her voice is a wordless wonder."

The Hub

"Pre-nominated for a Grammy! She is an artist brave enough to express the mythic tales that dwell unknowingly within her soul".

Gothic Beauty Magazine Issue 20

"This charming CD takes clever turns on timeless tales. Romantics will appreciate!"

Heartsong Review

"Her songs are full of folksy, downhome themes about family, friendship and love....all create a relaxing mood lazy as a country afternoon."

Moonshadows Magazine

"Interspersed with her storytelling are lyrics of wisdom to touch the soul."


"Indie label, BodyPlanet Records has given us a bright new Celtic star, Marita Brake, whose voice would send chills down the spine of St.Patrick himself."

Celtic Radio

"But really-you are your own sound. That says a lot in a world of make believe musicians that feel they have to mimic others. I will be featuring the CD on the cover of next month's issue."

"Sounds Like an angel!"

The song, "Poor Babes in the Wood" track #9 from Brake's Gypsymoon CD, has been recorded by countless musicians over the years, even Disney tried to reshape it, but Brake keeps the original theme intact! A dark lullaby.

The Second Reading

Marita needs no introduction to those of you who are musicians. She write nothing less than heartfelt "roots" music that the uninformed might assume existed in America's hill country for the past three hundred years. This is a musician with a heart of pure gold!

Positive Music Association

The Celtic Rose is  unique, artistically courageous and thought provoking......Marita Brake is a talented singer, her tender but strong tone is soothing to the soul, with mystical appeal. The album is filled with seemless, emotion packed delivery with technically advanced vocal maneuvers.


Brake's song, "Bonnie and Her Bold Companion" sounds like a traditional ballad, complete with magical elements. But like all of the songs on The Celtic Rose, it is an original......shows off Brake's beautiful voice."

Daily Unsigned

"Shaken Not Stirred" sound, clever lyrics. Keep on grinding!

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