Marita Brake

Leading Uke Workshop at Normal Public Library April 27th

100 Years


New song, "100 years," aired on the local CBS affiliate this evening. Co-wrote with Gretchen Meyer. this song celebrated one hundred years of Easter Seals. My 17th year of writing, arranging and producing for Easter Seals.

Artist of the week


Marita named Artist of the Week by WTVP (PBS Affiliate).

Song In Christmas Movie


Yes, My song "Is It Too Late To Be Good Santa?" will be featured in the upcoming movie, Christmas Crashers. Still in pre-production.

Easter Seals Video


2015 simple exploded with the arrival of a new Easter Seals Project. "Take Me As I Am" was written and produced by Marita. Uke tracks included.

LA Agent


My LA Agent, Mark, just signed one of my new songs to his roster. In showbiz speak that means he will be pitching it to various markets. Keeping my fingers crossed.

God Save The Queen


Brilliant! Just heard from my agent and he tells me my music will be playing in the UK store wide in McDonald's, Subway, Laura Ashley and DW Sports. 

I'm on Facebook


Check out my new Facebook page:

Title of page is: Marita Brake: Singer Songwriter

You can friend me too or like the page.

I Love to hear from you. Some new pictures of me too.

WOS Airing Times


Women of Substance radio will be airing, "Is It Too Late To Be Good, Santa?" Nov. 29th-Dec.2 on Wednesday 1-6 (CT) plus in the random mix throughout the holiday season. Also featuring two of my favorite performers on the Wed. shows, Nora Jones and Over The Rhine.

Women Of Substance Radio


Once again, a BIG thank you to Women of Substance radio for airing "Is It Too Late To Be Good, Santa?" beginning Nov. 29th. Go to:

Vachel's Cup


Marita's latest essay, "Vachel's Cup" is featured in The Illinois Times, Vol. 39 No.7

Check it out.

Garden of Earthly Delights


Sandy Baksys writer for did a lovely piece,

"Stankaitis Garden of Earthly Delights" on my paternal grandmother.

She featured some lovely family photos and even mentioned me.

A lovely step back in time! Miss you Grandma. 

Article featured in August 31st edition of "lithspringfield".




Featured In Illinois Times


Marita's latest essay, "Mr. Lincoln's Curtains" was just featured in the Illinois Times, August 15 edition. It will be archived so you can catch it that way too. Just go to The Illinois Times and enter "Mr. Lincoln's Curtains" in the search.

Three Cheers for WOS

Crystal Blue Radio


Marita's music to be featured on Crystal Blue Radio, talk about Crystal Blue persuasion! Details soon! Stay tuned.



Thanks to One World Radio ( for airing some of my music on their program, Perfect Remedy, in the UK. Thanks Chrissie and Steve

Daily Unsigned Review


Special thanks to Daily Unsigned for reviewing "Shaken Not Stirred" saying,

"cool sound and clever lyrics".

Also, thanks to Women of Substance Radio for airing "By The River".

"Invisible" on Youtube


Wow! I love what the film crew did with "Invisible" (written by myself and Gretchen Meyer). Gretchen is singing. Check out:

Invisible 2013 Easter Seals Central Illinois on Youtube.

Maui Matchmaker


I've had my music used in some fairly unique forums, but this is a first for me., a dating service is playing my song, St. Valentine, on their opening page. Beautiful visuals too. Check it out!

New On Youtube


Thanks to fan, randomstuff100 for posting "The Bonnie Prince of Why" from The Celtic Rose on youtube.

Plus, 3,000 hits for "Is It Too Late To Be Good Santa?"

2012 was a very good year.

2013, even better.

Best of 2012


Big thanks to Koop Kooper, host of Cocktail Nation (an internationally syndicated radio show) for choosing "Shaken Not Stirred" in the "best of 2012" releases. Thanks Koop!

Koop's show originates in Sydney, Australia.

Will It Play in the UK?


My agent in LA informs me that "Is It Too Late To Be Good Santa?" is playing in retail stores across the UK. Brilliant!

Instint Anceztors


No that is not a typo, I am deep in the new book I am writing, "Instint

Anceztors". It's a book for anyone who is Ancestor Impaired. Or perhaps, had ancestors a little on the boring side.  Complete with your ancestors' pictures and mementos, this book is a hilarious look at your new "adopted"

ancestral past. So music is on hold for a bit, until this project is finished.

More details later.

Homegrown Tomatoes!


Always one of my favorite songs to sing, "Homegrown Tomatoes"

written by Guy Clark, is featured on a homegrown video made by two people growing tomatoes on the dashboard of their car!  Don't know these folks, but they are a hoot. Check them out at: My song starts about 2:20 in the video.



Thanks to LA Radio Station INDIE104 and iRadioLA for selecting my song, "Shaken Not Stirred" as part of their playlist. It's in their rotation now, check it out.

New Song Book out!


Thank you, publisher, Hal Leonard, for including my song "I Am One" in the newly released, 101 Inspiring Songs Fake Book. Kudos to editors, Charylu Roberts and Doug Lebow. Check it out!

3 New Videos


Hooray for fan, Kyle Links, who posted three new videos on youtube

featuring my songs from the Celtic Rose CD: Check out "Maiden In The Meadow Mist" "By The River" and "The Celtic Rose".  This is the first time songs from The Celtic Rose have been featured on youtube. Thanks Kyle!

Anand Bhatt and Marita.


Sonicwaves International chose Marita to collaborate with platinum artist, Anand Bhatt, on a new children's album. The CD will feature songs about racial harmony and respecting one another. No release date, as of yet.

Retro Cocktail Hour


More airplay....Retro Cocktail Hour, hosted by Darrell Brogdon, Kansas Public Radio. Sat. 7-9 (central). Thanks Darrell!

Cocktail Nation!!!


G'day to all you would be Aussies! Koop Koopers program,

Cocktail Nation, started airing "Shaken Not Stirred" this month

on his program originating out of Sydney. Plus he is also carried by The Penthouse, (NYC) Sundays at noon. 

WOS airplay


One of my favorite internet stations, Women of Substance Radio! This month they are featuring

one of my songs from my first CD, The Road I Took To You. "Home" will be in the rotation for their

"Women In Harmony" program all this month at 3-7pm ET and 12-4pm on Wed. Sat. Sunday.

Sam's Journal


A few weeks ago, one of my guitar students, Sam Jackson, asked to interview me for a school project, as one of the most interesting people he knows. So herewith I give you snippets of Sam's take on me.

"Marita was born in Springfield, Il. date unknown (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) In spite of attending Sacred Heart Grade School, the one with the mean nuns, she turned out fine."

"Marita started playing the guitar when she was ten and couldn't get enough of it like a crack addict who has a lifetime supply of crack."

"Marita has touched the souls and hearts of many........without Marita all of her students would have to learn guitar from a boring, non-inspirational mentor that had no sense of humor........that is why everyone loves the mystical and wonderous, Marita Brake."

For more: See my Facebook page with Sam's picture.


NYC Radio Play


Wow! Lucky me! The Penthouse jazz programming for NYC is playing "Shaken Not Stirred" in rotation with other artists such as Diana Krall and Tony Bennett. This is a very cosmopolitan, cool club, classy and global station. To make a request go to: Special thanks to Bob Perry.

A Perfect 10!


"My Turn" one of my latest compositions has just been featured in an Easter Seals video. Sung by Gretchen Meyer, written and co-produced by myself. This will be our tenth year for working with Easter Seals producing music for various projects. You can find it at youtube under my name or Easter Seals.

All Stirred Up


Shaken Not Stirred now on youtube. Through the artistry of Jeff Williams, a new edgy video is posted on youtube at:


Shaken Not Stirred by Marita Brake, Marilyn Monroe meets Mad Men!

Check it out!

Shaken Not Stirred

2200 Hits for Santa!


Wow! 2200 plus hits on youtube for "Is It Too Late To be Good Santa?"

And Unity Radio FM Played Marita's "Woman of Faith". They are a satellite station on XM. Also archived it. Show aired 12/1/2011.

Shaken Not Stirred!


"Shaken Not Stirred" goes to video. One of Marita's newest creations, "Shaken Not Stirred" goes into video creation this week.

Kari-On Productions of Evans, Georgia is handling the technical creation. This is the second video Marita has done with them. Last year they created the youtube sensation,"Is It Too Late To be Good, Santa?"

No word yet on release date.

Celtic Roots Radio! Yes!


Thanks goes out to Celtic Roots Radio for playing "By The River" from the Celtic Rose. It is also part of their podcast. Check it out!

In Lithuania?


Many of you know my that some of my familial roots are in Lithuania. Well, guess what? Through the magic of CD BABY

you can now upload my music in Lithuania!!!! And several other Baltic countries including Bosnia!

"You might be a little bit happier, living a little south of Latvia!"

_from "Lithuanian Blond"   Marita Brake


Marita's Newest Project">What an honor and opportunity to be included in an upcoming New Thought Songbook from Hal Leonard Publishing. My friends, Charylu Roberts and Doug Lebow are putting together an outstanding collection of 101 songs with positive and inspirational music and lyrics. "I Am One" and "Woman of Faith" are my two contributions to the book.

Click on the picture of the new book once you get to the site. Take a peek. Help make this book a success!


Santa Hits 2100+


It's August the last time I checked, "Is It Too Late to be Good Santa?" hit 2100 this month.......Christmas is how far away!

Hey Deano!


Great news from the East Coast. Performer, Eric Richardson just recorded "Shaken, Not Stirred" written by Marita, for his nightclub renderings of Dean Martin.

Check out this dynamic performer at: 

Thanks Eric!

More Radio Play


More wonderful radio play on Women of Substance Internet Radio.

This month they are airing "The Flower That Shattered The Stone" from my Gypsymoon CD. Tune in:

Celtic Roots Radio


Celtic Roots Radio on Live 365 is airing "By The River" from my Celtic Rose CD. They are out of Belfast. Northern Ireland.

Youtube hits 2025

Maui Radio


For all you Celtic Music fans in Maui, my music is being featured on Maui Celtic Radio's Sunday Solstice program hosted by Hamish Burgess.

Now Recording


In the studio all month recording for HBO, Avon, Easter Seals and Hal Leonard Publishing.

UK or Bust!


Word has it that I am invited to tour the UK in 2012 0r 2013!

I have toured once before in the UK but would love to go back. Keep your fingers crossed. Talley Ho!

Great American Song Contest


Yes and Wow! Just got word that "Is It Too Late To Be Good, Santa?" is a finalist in the Great American Song Contest. Fantastic!

100 Positive Songs


Do you love songs with a positive message as much as I do?

My friend, Charylu Roberts, is putting together a songbook with 100 positive songs. What a fabulous idea! Charylu has an amazing track record in publishing, primarily with Hal Leonard ( a HUGE publisher). For this one, she needs financial assistance, underwriting, producing. Can you help? Or at least mention it to someone who can? This will be an amazing adventure

so hop on board!


Katerina's in Chicago


On Wed. April 6th I will be performing at Katerina's in Chicago. 1920 Irving Park Road ( at approx. 7:30. There are seven of us performing that night. The highlight of these shows is the improv songwriter's segment. The performers take suggestions from the audience to compose songs on the spot. Kind of like the Second City of songwriting. Hope you can come.

oliverdiplace blogspot


Here is a wonderful blogspot, St. Patrick's Day 2011 Darius Rips reviews "Bonnie and her Bold Companion" from The Celtic Rose CD. A lovely review and a wonderful site for music lovers of every genre.

Celtic Music on WOS


Women of Substance Radio ( is featuring my music on their Celtic Radio Show. A special throughout March. Airs Wed. Sat and Sun. at 12-2pm PT, 3-5pm ET. It's a great station with all kinds of indie as well as mainstream musicians. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful station.

New song "St. Valentine"


See Music page for a new song just uploaded, "St. Valentine". I wrote this song for my friend, Debbie, who was being a little "love challenged" at the time. This is the first time I am sharing this song publicly. I heart Valentine's Day!

Every Child


This is the newest song, co-written with Gretchen Meyer for Easter Seals.

This is our ninth consecutive year to be sharing our music with such a worthy organization. The video is featured on youtube. Go to:





Wow! 1700+ hits on youtube!


"Is It Too Late To Be Good Santa?" has had quite a Christmas season! With far flung listeners from Egypt to Namibia, New Zealand to Russia. It was featured on Public Radio International and on too numerous to count, Jazz stations. Kari Gaffney was my promoter, from Kari-On Productions and did a super job. Made it to the jazz charts, got picked up for a Christmas compilation next year and hopefully by other artists within this next year.

Thanks to everyone making this song and youtube video a hit!

New Youtube video


OhWow!!! Dear friends, check it out at

Kari Gaffney at Kari-On Productions has done a wonderful, hilarious, fun, exciting video of my song, "Is It Too Late To Be Good Santa?"

Check it out.

Is It Too Late To Be Good Santa?


A New release: Is It Too Late To Be Good Santa?

Marita's latest digital release (CD Baby) is a sexy, siren song to Santa. Brake's retro swing, 60's Big Band styling harks back to tunes like "Santa Baby".  This is a song the rat pack would have loved! Vocals are delivered with a slight of hand innocence that is packed with lighthearted, irrepressible

lyrics.  Platinum Producer, Erik Nelson, helped to make this irreverent romp playfully fun using amusingly placed(almost burlesque) percussion in the midst of a masterfully played horn section. Brake's voice more than rises to the occasion using a deft, slight of hand innocence.

Sure to put a smile on all that holiday stress! Available at CD Baby.




October 18th TheatersCool hosts Girls Night Out and I will be hosting. It's from 8-11pm. An Open mike with several students from the Music Shoppe participating plus a few songs from moi. Hope you can be there!

It's Magic 100.7


Starting Oct. 11th - 25th. Magic 100.7 will be airing my Mission Mart Commercial. I wrote it, did all the vocals and the voice over.

So if you live in our region, check it out.

Signs with Music Dealers


 Just back from Billboard Magazine's Music and Advertising Conference in Chicago. It was a chance to meet and greet some of the best advertising, licensing and music supervisors in the business. What a whirlwind of activity. I met people like Gary Calamar who is the music supervisor for True Blood, ad exec, Stump Mahoney and Zac Brown from the Zac Brown Band. Everyone I met was helpful and gracious. But the best part, I signed with Music Dealers, LLC, a music licensing firm. Many thanks to Rob Lindquist in A&R at Music Dealers and Billboard Magazine.

Own A Piece of the Sky


I just finished recording a new Delta Airlines Commercial that I'm pretty proud of. It should be accessible on this site in a few days. Other recording news...... just finished a jazz original, Woman in the Moon, at Eclipse Studios and I am set to record my first Christmas song in June. Christmas in June.....Yeah!!!!

Stay tuned for more info........

Marita in Studio Magazine


What a wonderful magazine this is. It is available on the web at  The latest issue features a fairly good sized article on me. Amreen Khan (editor)touches upon several projects of mine you may not know about. All in all, I always read it cover to cover.

Manna From Heaven


This week has felt like manna from heaven falling everywhere around me! Two HUGE advertising agencies purchased "Country Miles" for use in commercials.

AND Rosemarie Ashley of Positive Music Association did a great review of The Celtic Rose. Part of it will appear on my "reviews" pg.


Go to:




Hear Marita on RAWA Radio


Marita is now being played in rotation on Rawa radio (

They play music that is spiritually and socially uplifting. Innisfree from The Celtic Rose is the track they have chosen.

RAWA stands for Renaissance Artists and Writers Association.

Happy Anniv. Sister Cities


I've had a long standing relationship with the Sister Cities Program here which includes Vladimir, Russia, Canterbury, England and Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. It is hard to believe that this group has been together before the fall of the Soviet Union. I have performed for many of their events, including performing in Canterbury, England for The Canterbury Festival. None have been more touching then the two events commemorating the 20th Anniversary. Creating peace one person at a time has profound and dramatic results. I have found that we are all basically the same in our hearts. We meet: "Face to face heart to heart dream to dream." From - The Sister City Song Marita Brake

Farethee well, Mary Travers

Tonite I am so saddened and wistfully wishing I could step back in time to the first time I heard Mary Travers sing. It was as magical a moment as I will ever recall. This iconic folk performer, one third of Peter, Paul and Mary, opened a whole new world for me when I was only twelve. She inspired me, motivated me and made me believe in the richness of life. I once met Mary backstage at an outdoor event. She was getting herself together to sing before a very raucous audience that would be a tough crowd for anyone to have to sing for. Yet, even in her nervousness, she took time to remind me that the path in music has at times, its ups and downs, wrong turns and disappointments, a richness that can't be bought and a soul that can't be sold. Thank you Mary for all of your lovliness. Youwill be sorely missed.

Sonicbids, Yes!

I am delighted to announce that I am now affiliated with Sonicbids. Sonicbids provides performers and promoters a chance to see what each other is doing. An EPK, an electronic press kit, helps facilitate projects. performances and media related events in a way that no other website on the web even comes close to. I am excited to be a part of this venture.

Women Of Distinction Awards!

This is the 20th anniversary for the YWCA's Women of Distinction Awards. I have the distinct pleasure to be performing at these awards. (I won way back in 1996) They celebrate women who have made a significant contribution to our community in all walks of life. The awards take place May 21st at Illinois State University's Brown Ballroom. Put on your dress up clothes and come out to hear me sing a song I wrote just for this special event.

Angelic Music UK a Winner!

I am honored to announce that Angelic Music's UK competition "In Her Own Words" chose one of my songs as a finalist. They chose "On Me Mother's Grave" from The Celtic Rose CD. It will be featured on a compilation CD to be distributed in the UK and Europe. For more information go to:

Lincoln Picture Postcards

Millikin University asked 1300 artists to give their interpretation of Abraham Lincoln with art on a postcard. 60 made it into the show. I entered two into the show and they are in it. It is amazing what people came up with. Mine are #'s 13 and 14. Abe at Cinco de Mayo and Abe as a beatnik. The site is: Hope you have a chance to go look, it is totally cool.

Farewell Studs Terkel

A few days ago, one of America's true living treasures passed on, Studs Terkel! I was honored enough to be one of Studs radio show guests and I will never forget it. Being with this great man and genius thinker was an amazing experience. At that time his Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Good War, had just been published. He gave me one and inscribed it with: "Here's to peace, grace and beauty - the first we hope for - the second and third you got." A fond farewell Studs-you will be missed!


October will be bringing new performance opportunities to me. Among them performing for the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Yes, that's right, they are ALL counselors. So if I get a little neurotic, ok....more neurotic I'll be in good company.

Featured at Winning Writers

Wow! I don't know if you are familiar with one of the best writing tools on the net. It is They have featured me on this month's opening page and have my poem "Hattie's Christmas Ballad" winner of Christyfest 2008, in this issue, as well. If you are a writer and love great writing and market news, check them out!

You Tube Video

Finally, I have a video on You Tube. Doesn't everybody? Entitled "Miss the Mississippi and You" (which is the song being sung) there is absolutely gorgeous footage of nature in all it's stunning glory. This was shot on the Mississippi at various locations. It was originally made for an eco-film. Either type in my name at You Tube or the name of the song and it should come up. It is a beautiful tribute to nature.

New Photos on Photo Page

Want to see me at one day old? Second grade? My first PR picture? My maternal Grandmother right off the boat? Go to photos and keep scrolling. These are some of my personal favorites.

Of Lords and Ladies

It will be a great honor for me to perform before the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Canterbury, England during their visit to Bloomington, Illinois this coming week. Since I have sung in Canterbury, it will be my delight to perform for the new Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress. Singing in the UK is one of my fondest memories! Here's to a royal performance!

Memorial music library


This is a thoughtful, healing and much needed site. I hope you have time to visit. This site is devoted to music appropriate for memorial services, funerals or anyone in the grieving process. Right now it features "On Me Mother's Grave" from my Celtic Rose CD. We all know what a healing force music is in our lives. Visit to find out more.

I Won Christyfest Poetry Contest!


I am so honored to announce that my poem "Hattie's Christmas Ballad" was chosen as the winning poem in the annual Christyfest Fiction and Poetry Contest for this year. Thanks goes out to all who voted for me and to the hardworking Christyfest Team. Christyfest, is held every year in the Great Smokey Mountains, in honor of the book, Christy which was also a television series. My poem was based on the character, Hattie, played by Judy Collins. She was a blind mountain singer and songcatcher in the series. I imagined Hattie retelling the Christmas story in the old, mountain way. Anyone know Judy Collin's e-mail? I'd love to share it with her. If you would like to read the poem go to:

Road Trip Nation


What timing! I found out only a few days ago that Road Trip Nation had chosen my music to highlight an interview with Rev. Samuel Kyles, the last person to be with Dr. Martin Luther King. You can view it on MSN now or wait for PBS to air it in your region. Today being the day Dr. King's birthday is officially celebrated made it doubly meaningful. This is the second piece of music that Road Trip Nation has used of mine, the other being in episode #9 during the interview with the man who invented the game, Cranium. Hats off to RTN!!!

Ignited Passion! Miss Iowa


That's the best way to describe it! Today I was a guest at the 2008 Ignite Your Passion VIP Camapign for Easter Seals. As many of you know, myself and Gretchen Meyer have been collaborating for the past 6 years, writing songs that define the message that Easter Seals inspires. Our sixth song, "I Wish You Love" was featured during a very moving video and the best part........ I got to meet and talk with Abbey Curran, Miss Iowa USA 2008. Abbey is the first person with special needs to make it into a national pageant. She gave an awe inspiring speech about competing with her disability (Cerebral Palsy) and her life's journey. One thing that stayed with me, besides her obvious ability to challenge the status quo, was one of the thoughts she left us with, "don't miss the point of your life." Thank you Abbey. April 11 Abbey will compete in Las Vegas on NBC for the title of Miss USA. Abbey is also slated for an appearance in People magazine.

One Vibration Radio!

More airplay!!! Tune into: www.onevibrationradio. com ncradio has had my music in rotation on their New Music Program and also features me on their Dreamtime program which runs 8pm to 3am nightly.

Official Artist RTN


Today I received news that I am now one of the official indie artists whose music has been chosen for the Fall series of Road Trip Nation on PBS. Yes!!!!!!! I love that show! My music is featured for a looooooong time during episode #9 (Fall 2007) They used "Gypsymoon" from the CD of the same title and it is featured while they interview the man that invented the game, Cranium...really interesting! On my PBS affiliates it airs at Sat./Sun 11pm CST.Check it out.For more info go to:

Folk Alliance Midwest


FARM stands for Folk Alliance Midwest Region and they are about to have their forthcoming showcase and conference Sept. 28-30th at Techny Towers, Northfield, Illinois. I am one of the showcase artists this year and for the first time it will be open to the general public. My showcase time is: 3pm Sat. Sept. 29th. If you are in the area I hope you will join us. For more information go

Horror of Horrors!

This is a first! I made it on to The Blog, which seems to be dedicated to all things dark and spooky. Me? Precious little Marita! I guess we all have a dark side! In this case it concerns a song from my second CD, GypsyMoon, "Poor Babes in the Wood", which is, I suppose a bit on the dark side. The site gives me kudos for keeping the integrity of the song true to its original story from the 15th century. Thanks goes out to The Cabinet and all its readers. Check it out......if you dare! Issue 8/9/07

10MPH Now at Blockbuster

You've been hearing a lot from me lately about the film, 10MPH, since some of my music is featured in it. Now you can purchase the film yourself!!! It is available at Blockbuster and Netflix. You may view the trailer at:

Sing Out!

Sing Out, one of the most revered magazines in the traditional music genre, published a very small (you might need a magnifying glass) on the release of The Celtic Rose. It is in their Spring 2007 issue. Small though it may be, a great appreciation goes out to them and their publication. Available at Borders Bookstores or by subscription.

Podcast Potpourri

Several Podcasts are either now or have in their archives, featured Marita's music. A few to check out would be:,,, celtic mp3s, Podcast #22 at

I Wish You Love published!

A new year and a new effort by Marita and her collaborator, Gretchen Meyer, "I Wish You Love" was just picked up by Brandon Hills Music Publishing.

The Sounds of Christmas

December 16th, Marita will be performing at State Farm Insurance's Corporate Headquarters (Bloomington, Illinois) in "The Sounds Of Christmas". An extravaganza of orchestras classic Christmas carols and pop favorites. The tickets are free but available by lottery only. Contact: The Music Shoppe 309-452-7436 for more details.

Untamed Heart

Marita has just released a new book of poetry, Untamed Heart, on BodyPlanet Press. No distribution deal yet, but you'll be the first to know when and where you will be able to purchase a copy.

Not the Taj Mahal!

She hasn't played the Taj Mahal yet or even with Taj Mahal but she has done some pretty high profile gigs including, a showcase at Carnegie Hall, two presidential Inaugurals, The Crystal Cathedral, Canterbury Music Festival in Canterbury, England and BBC Radio. She's dedicated Native Prairies, played the same coffeehouse Bob Dylan got his feet wet at in Minneapolis, The Coffeehouse Extempore and even perfomed at a Hobo Convention in Iowa! And it doesn't end there.

Marita's Who's Who Trivia

Some of the more notable performers that Marita has performed with include Allison Krauss (she even studied guitar with former Union Station guitarist, John Pinnel) John Hartford (the late, great fiddle player and riverboat captain) Bela Fleck, Suzy Bogguss, the legendary Ernest Tubbs (I'm Walking The Floor Over You), the award winning author/radio host, Studs Terkel and actress Ann Jillian, just to name a few. Who will be next? Stay tuned.

Five Free Downloads

New to this site, five free downloads of Marita's music are available to you. Just press the music button, there are downloads from each of her three CDs. See if you can find them.

Now That's Press Coverage!

In the past year Marita has been featured in numerous magazines, ezines, newspapers and web sites. Among them, the UK's Kindred Spirit (she received more stars than Enya in their review), a glowing review in both New Age and at Celtic, Rennaisance Magazine, Moonshadows Magazine and Gothic Beauty Magazine. She was even reviewed in Poland's Recenzie, New Classics-UK, Illinois Times and various wire services! The diversity in coverage reflects the global music community's accepting Marita as a true artist in her own right. Did we forget to mention Australia?

Marita's Music Featured in Film

Marita's latest: The film 10 MPH features one cut from The Celtic Rose, Marita's newest release. Track One, The Celtic Spirit, will be part of the film's soundtrack. Of course you can give a listen at In other news, this is Marita's new and official website. is no longer in use.

Marita Wins Addy Award

Marita along with co-writers, Gretchen Meyer and Erik Nelson won an American Advertising Federation Award for a song they co-wrote, "Patent Leather Shoes" for Easter Seals of Greater Peoria. Previously Marita has been nominated for "A Distinguished Alumni Award" from Illinois State University and was a recipient of the YWCA's "Woman of Distinction Award" in the arts.

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