Marita Brake

The Celtic Rose

In the tradition of Riverdance, Enya and the ever increasing fascination with all things Celtic, comes Marita Brake's breathtaking collection of Celtic Americana, The Celtic Rose. With a voice as big as the two continents it traverses, Brake creates a CD of fresh and sensitive ballads, rousing anthems and angelic choruses. What is even more impressive about this CD is that Brake and collaborator, Kent Thompson wrote, arranged and produced it. Features Cinematic nuances (track 1, The Celtic Spirit, was featured in the film, 10MPH) haunting melodies and diverse instrumentation. Stand out tracks include: The Celtic Spirit, The Celtic Rose, By the River and On Me Mother's Grave. Sounds like: Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Connie Dover, Clannad.
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